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Economic Development is tasked with promoting domestic and foreign direct investment opportunities in the city and to facilitate the provision of relevant business development support services. This includes developing the competitiveness of the SMME sector through the creation of a conducive environment; provision of infrastructure, relevant business support interventions and stimulation of an entrepreneurial attitude.

This Division aims to facilitate the growth of the local economy through sustainable and responsible development interventions.

The Division comprises the following Sections:


Manager: Zurilea D Steenkamp

Tel: +264 61 290 2284



1. Research and Information Management Section

The Research and Information Section undertakes economic research to support the City’s economic developmental initiatives and policy interventions. It disseminates relevant and up to date economic data to internal stakeholders. In addition, the Section is responsible for Information Management, the implementation of the Local Economic Development Strategy and formulation as well as the coordination of the Special Projects Policy.

Special Projects

In its efforts to promote property development in Windhoek, Council has approved a "Special Projects Policy". The intention of the Policy is to allow developers to acquire municipal land for property development projects through private treaty in terms of section 30(1)(t), and to apply for rebate on taxes in terms of section 75A of the Local Authority Act 23 of 1992 that are "unique". Special Projects should thus be understood as new and "unique" property development projects that will enhance the physical environment of the community, encouraging the highest and best use of land and consequently improve the quality of life of residents. The developments are envisaged to uplift the profile of the City as an economically sound investment destination.


Section Head: Research and Information Management

Tel: +264 61 290 2024


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2. Micro Entrepreneurial Development Section

The aim of the Micro Entrepreneurial Development Section is to facilitate the development and promotion of micro enterprises in the City through the provision of a conducive, supportive, clean and safe environment for traders, customers as and the community.

The Objectives of the Micro Entrepreneurial Development Section are:

  • To facilitate the development, maintenance and upgrading of markets and undeveloped sites.
  • To manage trading activities at the markets and undeveloped sites.
  • Promote the markets and the activities of its tenants.
  • To ensure effective support to facilitate business growth and development.

The City of Windhoek has made provision for various trading sites. These include;

  • 16 permanent markets. These include the Sowetovand Oshetu Community Market
  • Opportunistic markets for vendors such as newspaper sellers, car guards, food carts, barbeque sites, undeveloped sites etc.
  • Product focused markets such as craft markets
  • Periodic markets such as Saturday Street market

The markets provide micro entrepreneurs access to lockable stalls or open trading areas depending on their needs and capacity.


Section Head: Micro Entrepreneurial Development

Tel: +264 61 290 2569


Coordinator: North-western Suburbs: Tel: +264 61 290 3139

Coordinator: CBD Tel: +264 61 290 2581

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a Lockable Stall?

  • All lockable stalls are advertised in local newspapers.
  • Applications for vacant stalls will only be accepted and considered after advertisements have been placed in the local printed media.
  • Following the receipt of applications, interviews will be conducted with short-listed candidates for further screening.
  • Generally, lockable stalls are leased on an annual basis (renewable yearly) and successful applicants must sign a lease agreement with the City of Windhoek.

How do I apply for an open Trading Area (Inside the market)?

  • Open trading areas are not advertised in the printed media and are allocated on a first come – first served basis, depending on availability and the suitability of the stand to the proposal submitted.
  • Open trading areas are leased on a temporary basis (weekly/monthly).

What other income generating opportunities are there for unemployed individuals?

  • Barbeque Sites
    • Traders are allocated on a limited basis to a number of selected and pre-approved sites for such purposes.
    • Barbeque sites are only approved for barbequing activities and no alcohol sales or alternative usage is allowed at such sites.
    • Bookings must be made at least two days in advance.
    • Permits are issued on a first come – first served basis depending on availability and subject to the payment of a minimal fee and other conditions.
  • Saturday Street Market
    • The Saturday Street Market is hosted once a month, on the last or first Saturday of the month.
    • Traders can exhibit their goods in demarcated areas along Independence Avenue.
    • Bookings are made at the Customer Care Centre, on the last Monday before month end, on a first come- first served basis.

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3. SME Development and Promotion Section

The Section is tasked with the responsibility of developing small and medium enterprises by creating a favourable environment where business development, growth and employment creation is maximised.

Contact: Section Head: SME Development & Promotion

Tel: +264 61 290 2325


The Section consists out of three (3) units as follows:

Bokamso Entrepreneurial Centre (BEC):

The objective of the BEC is to simulate an environment that empowers entrepreneurs so that they can progress to formal and developed businesses through the provision of necessary business capacity building programmes. The BEC can accommodate 41 tenants who specialise in clothing/textile manufacturing, joinery and upholstery, arts and crafts, catering and innovation.

Contact: Coordinator: Bokamso Entrepreneurial Centre

Tel: +264 61 290 3614

Industrial Stalls:

The management of the Industrial Stalls provides infrastructure focussed on entrepreneurs who are engaged in light industrial activities such as manufacturing, refining of steel, joinery, automobile repairs, welding, panel beating, painting, upholstery, joinery and textile services. The City oversees 4 Industrial Stalls.

These are located in:

  • Khomasdal
  • Menarovandu
  • Wanaheda
  • Katutura

The Industrial Stalls accommodate 151 traders.

Contact: Coordinator: Industrial Stalls

Cell: +264 81 129 6331

Business Training and Development:

The unit is tasked with the development and implementation of targeted and needs based business orientated capacity building programmes, aimed at SMEs and the youth. It also facilitates training in information technology at the Oshetu Information and Technology Training Centre.

Contact: Coordinator: Business Training and Development

Tel: +264 61 290 3573

Economic Development Officer: SBIC

Tel: +264 61 290 3093

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4. Business Development Section

The Section is mandated to

  • Promote domestic and foreign direct investment
  • Stimulate business growth and development
  • Develop and foster linkages and relationships between City and the local business community
  • Enhance the diversification of economic activities and broaden Council’s revenue based through outdoor advertising

Contact: Section Head: Business Development

Tel: +264 61 290 2577


Investment Promotion & Liaison Unit

This Unit is responsible for promoting investment opportunities in the City of Windhoek, in addition to:

  • Stimulating business development
  • Promoting sustainable trade in the City
  • Serving as a link between the City and business community
  • Providing information and after care services to local and foreign investors

Windhoek-Key Economic Sectors

  • Agro processing
  • Wholesale & retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Tourism (MICE)
  • Transportation & logistics

Why Invest in Windhoek The Gateway To Endless Opportunities

  • Proud Capital of a politically stable country
  • Strategically positioned in the country & region (SADC 327 million people-2016)
  • Most populous urban area in Namibia
  • Population growth rate of 3.59% (Khomas Region)
  • Capital to a country ranked 6th most Competitive Country in Africa (World Economic Forum 2018)

Windhoek - The Best Place To Live in Namibia - LIVE

  • 2nd cleanest city in Africa
  • 2nd safest city in SADC & 4th in Africa
  • Reliable municipal services
  • World class accommodation and health care facilities
  • Excellent schools and 3 Universities

Windhoek - The Best Place To Work in Namibia - WORK

  • 4G and fibre optic technology
  • Comprehensive world class financial services
  • Daily domestics and international flights
  • 1st in terms of quality of road infrastructure in SADC
  • Sufficient trading and production space

Windhoek - The Best Place For Leisure Activities in Namibia - PLAY

  • International 4 star hotels and restaurants
  • Variety of sport clubs and fitness facilities (from golf to rock climbing)
  • Cinemas, nightclubs and cultural hubs
  • Numerous parks and the largest shopping centres in Namibia
  • Special attractions such as the world’s oldest weather bureau & first water reclamation plant in Africa

Coordinator: Investment Promotion & Liaison

Tel: +264 61 290 2196


Outdoor Advertising Unit

Outdoor Advertising (OA) means the act or process of notifying, warning, informing, making known or any other act of transferring information in a visible manner and which takes place out of doors. The Unit is mandated to manage and control OA in the City.

The unit is responsible for the management and control of OA activities in the City such as:

  • Billboards
  • Posters on street light poles
  • Wall wraps
  • Illuminated street name signs
  • Suburbs names
  • Estate agents boards
  • Trailers
  • Advertising on street furniture such as dustbins, bus shelters, etc.

Contact: Coordinator: Outdoor Advertising

Tel: +264 61 290 2576

Economic Development Officer (Customer Care Centre)

Tel: +264 61 290 3002


Estate Agents Boards PPT NEAB May 2021
Outdoor Advertising Policy
Annexure A Criteria for different types of signage - POLICY
Outdoor Advertising Regulations
Outdoor Advertising CoW Application Form
A-Frame Trailer Bookings Application Form
Poster Bookings Application Form
Public Notice

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5. Tourism Section

The primary purpose of the Tourism Section is to transform the tourism sector and facilitate growth through sustainable and responsible development and promotional interventions.


  • Creatively develop & package products/services
  • Build the destination’s unique selling propositions into tailored experiences that match the needs and expectations of Windhoek’s potential visitors
  • Plan, organise and implement art and cultural projects/ activities
  • Promote Windhoek as a Tourism and Meeting, Incentives, Conferencing, and Exhibitions (MICE) destination
  • Develop a City Museum that will acquire, document, and exhibit the history of Windhoek in order to inform, educate and entertain the public
  • Create a tourism enhancing enabling environment
  • To foster relations with external partners by creating synergy in the tourism industry environment.

Contact: Section Head: Tourism

Tel: +264 61 290 2093


The Section consists of:


Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture is part of our everyday lives in the City and evolves consistently. It is important to highlight this vitality to the ordinary residents of the City and give residents the chance to give expression to this important aspect of their daily lives.

The popular annual /Ae // Gams Arts and Cultural Festival which takes place every September is one such intervention. The Festival’s purpose is to showcase the different and dynamic cultures and art disciplines prevalent in the City. Residents are encouraged to participate in different activities, and many of them are keen to be part of this hugely anticipated Festival.

The City also hosts the New Year’s Eve Celebration. The focus of the celebration is to create a platform where residents enjoy music performances, socialise and share their aspirations for the New Year.

The City is also involved in different arts and cultural community based projects. Some of these projects include public art, as well as youth and community based arts and cultural initiatives.

Contact: Art and Culture Officer

Tel: +264 61 290 2588


Tel: +264 61 290 2093


Museum Development

The existence and advancement of people is largely shaped by their past. The City has recognised this and initiated efforts towards researching, collecting and availing landmark historical events and records that changed the political and socio-economical landscape of Windhoek. Such political events and the evolution of the City include, amongst others, settlement by the Nama chief Jonker Afrikaner in a ‘windy place’, Windhoek, the Old Location shootout on 10 December 1959 and forced removal to ethnic segregated Katutura. It is against this backdrop that the City is geared towards researching, gathering and depicting the historical and social evolution of the City and its development to date.

The renovation of a building in Robert Mugabe Avenue to house the City of Windhoek Museum is nearing completion.

Contact: Curator

Tel: +264 61 290 2502



Information Management

The City of Windhoek has seen its general development as a service rendering entity to residents and visitors alike. One such service is to providing information to tourists, visitors and residence. The City of Windhoek manages two prominent visitors’ information centres, ensuring that everyone has access to tourism services, products, arts and culture related information. As the first point of contact for visitors, these offices work closely with the local tourism industry and act as a referral point for tourists.

These offices are located at the corner of Independence Avenue and Fidel Castro Street and Post Street Mall in the City centre. They are open from Monday to Friday, 07h30-16h30, and are closed over weekends and public holidays.

Contact: Tourism Information Centre

Tel: +264 290 2401/ 2092/ 2596

Email: or or


Tourism Project Management

The tourism industry is generally perceived as a lucrative, yet difficult to break into the mainstream economy. In this instance, the City acts as an initiator, facilitator and catalyst to ensure that those who were previously economically disadvantaged get into the tourism economic mainstream. The BEE project focuses on economic upliftment projects that seek opportunities in existing tourism initiatives while creating an enabling environment for those entrepreneurs who would like to penetrate this key industry.

The City of Windhoek together with industry stakeholders has recognised the need to educate learners on the importance and benefits of how tourism contributes to the economic well-being of our capital and country as a whole. Having welcoming and positive attitudes towards tourists encourages repeat visits to Windhoek and Namibia. Showcasing small business and utilising opportunities in the tourism industry uplifts the quality of people’s lives. For that reason, the City of Windhoek has ventured into cultivating interest through the Junior Council Tourism Awareness Programme, which in turn, will impart knowledge and interest among their peers.

Contact: Tourism Project Management Officer

Tel: +264 61 290 2050 Email:

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