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Windhoek Vantaa Work visit Report for a Project visit to Vantaa, 30 April- 12 May 2012

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Social Welfare Section

Social Welfare Section at the City of Windhoek operates under the auspices of the Community Development Division and was established in 2005. This section is tasked with the responsibility of addressing the needs of vulnerable groups and to assist in developing the potential of individuals, families and communities. Social welfare is a social investment that leads to the betterment of people.

Social Welfare Section at the City focuses on the following development areas:



Social Development Intervention Programmes

These programmes focus on uplifting the circumstances of vulnerable people such as:

  • Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs),
  • Older persons, and;
  • The disabled in the City.

At present, the City owns five Community Centre, but is involved with three from which Social Welfare Section operates programmes for OVCs within the community, namely:

  • The Nathaniel Maxuilili centre
  • The Greenwell Matongo Centre, and;
  • Otjimuise Centre

Programmes that are run from each of these Centres to uplift circumstances are:

OVC Soup Kitchens

Food is provided for children from the Nathaniel Maxuilili Centre, the Greenwell Matongo Centre and Otjimuise Centre throughout the year from Mondays to Fridays, while the Nathaniel Maxuilili Centre is the only Centre that stays open and provides food during the school holidays as well.

Plan are underway for those infected with HIV/ AIDS to also be beneficiaries of the services provided by the soup kitchens, ensuring that they get at least one meal a day.

After School Programmes

After Schools programmes are designed to assist children with homework and to provide extracurricular and recreational activities, such as art.

Holiday Programmes

At present, Holiday Programmes are done in association with private organisations in other parts of Windhoek and the City provides logistics support for children to get to these activities and back.

Plans are underway to develop holiday camps for children during school holidays.

Support is given to Older Persons within our community through the Older People Support Programme. The main purpose of this programme is to organise events, meetings, outings and market days to improve the social wellbeing of older people. Activities include:

  • Health Education,
  • Organising the annual Christmas party at the Katutura Old Age Home
  • Education tours throughout the City of Windhoek

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Social Entrepreneurship

The Social Entrepreneurship Programme introduces and assists with income generating community projects to improve the livelihood of vulnerable households. The City provides start up materials and ingredients to residents who participate in this Programme, who then run their own income generating projects. Bead making, bakery, gardening skills are success stories under this entrepreneurial programme.

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The Volunteerism Programme scales up and strengthens community home based and palliative care to address the needs of vulnerable people. Volunteers receive certificates, T-Shirts and caps after the completion of their training.

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Social Marketing

The Section organises and promotes participate in social welfare events, including workshops, seminars, national and international events within the community.

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The Section is heavily involved in raising the awareness of social welfare issues affecting the community. It mobilises resources to address the needs of vulnerable people.

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Youth Development And Training Section

The Youth Development and Training Section within the Community Development Division, focuses on the City of Windhoek's contribution towards youth development. The youth development initiatives are generally associated with integrated, holistic, collaborative, collective, and preventative approaches to meeting developmental needs, based on value commitments to leadership, civic responsibility, participation and empowerment.

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