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The overall responsibility of this Department is to deliver innovative information management solutions to enable business excellence as spelled out in its vision: "to be a dynamic and preferred e-business partner in providing secure, high quality, and responsive services to the City of Windhoek in meeting business goals by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and building a high performing workforce dedicated to the success of City of Windhoek."

It is guided by its mission "to partner with the City of Windhoek and add exceptional value and excellence through the delivery of available, secure and cost effective technology services."

To achieve its mission, the Department is guided by, amongst others, the following main guiding principles:

  • Integration of Information Technology at every opportunity to ensure integrated technology, information and data sharing to enable business driven initiatives.
  • Develop mechanisms and processes to share information easily with the organisation and with customers and partners.
  • Secure and responsible Information Management in accordance with legislative requirements.
  • Devise strategies to leverage investments in City of Windhoek’s existing technology.

The Department consists of the following Divisions:



Business Systems

Systems Development

The Business Systems Division provides state-of-the-art, customer centered technical support and development services. Functional and well integrated systems enable the City of Windhoek to meet and exceed its business objectives through dedicates teams.

The Business Systems Team:

  • leads technical analysis for integration efforts of systems;
  • coordinates change processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness of Software Development  Lifecycle;
  • develops business case and detailed requirements for user change requests;
  • leads the integration efforts of business systems;
  • provides system application administration support for major business systems;
  • provides software quality assurance;
  • conducts assessments of business processes and assists in process reengineering; and,
  • develops systems to fulfill customer needs.

Contact: Ronel Viljoen, Section Head:  +264 61 2902000.

The Management Information Systems

  • leads technical analysis for Business Intelligence and general reporting efforts for systems;
  • conducts assessments of business and systems processes;
  • is responsible for all management reporting; and,
  • develops systems to enable business to make informed decisions.

Contact: Eunike Hamatwi, Section Head:  +264 61 2902000.

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Business Support

The Business Support Division was established in 2009 with the objective of enhancing internal customer relations and services and to develop human resources and improve systems operation through;

  • A better understanding of the need of business with regard to system development and enhancements;
  • making business aware of the limitations/restrictions within the development and /or  enhancement of their ICT needs;
  • the supporting and training of users on all installed enterprise applications;
  • administering and managing an efficient and effective ICT Call Logging System.

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ICT Operations Division

This Division provides operational support functions relating to the City of Windhoek’s information and communication technology needs and consists of the following sections:

  • Section: Operational Centres
    This Section provides support to the City of Windhoek in terms of its specialised systems, printing media as well as graphic design. It has to ensure optimal performance and productivity of functions at the highest quality and at affordable prices.
  • Section: Enterprise Content Management
    This Section is responsible for the effective and appropriate management of the organisation’s records, including the security thereof.
  • Section: Office Administration
    This Section is responsible for the provision of office administration functions to the ICT Department.  It is also responsible for overseeing the functions of the City of Windhoek’s Call Centre.

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Technical Services Division

This Division provides Data Centre and Desktop Infrastructure Services and technical support to enable Business to render an effective, efficient and quality service to all the internal and external customers of the City of Windhoek to enhance the quality of life of all the citizens of Windhoek. It consists of the following Sections:

  • Section: Data Centre Infrastructure
    This Section provides Data Centre technology and support to the internal customers at the City of Windhoek to make sure that an effective, efficient and quality service is rendered to all external and internal customers of the City.
  • Section: Desktop Infrastructure
    This Section provides Desktop technology and support to the internal customers at the City of Windhoek to make sure that an effective, efficient and quality service is rendered to all external and internal customers of the City.

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