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Introduction to the Solid Waste Management Division

A clean and healthy environment forms an integral part of any society. This is especially true for Windhoek, Namibia's capital; the hub of economic activity and a tourist city renowned for being one of the cleanest in the world. The responsibility of ensuring that all solid waste generated within Windhoek is managed in a safe and optimal manner, rests with the Division of Solid Waste Management (SWM).

The fast growth rate in the city's population, accompanied by the additional demand for the delivery of municipal services including solid waste management, requires of the Division to continually strive towards efficient and effective service delivery.

In an effort to ensure continued and sustainable waste management practises, the Division has embarked on a course which ensures that whilst cleaning and maintaining a high standard of cleanliness, increased emphasis is placed on an integrated approach to waste management through the implementation of the SWM Policy (Download PDF) and its principles.

The SWM Policy introduces a shift from the conventional end-of-pipe pollution control approach to that of waste prevention and minimisation. Through the implementation of the waste management hierarchy, all efforts are made to prevent the generation of waste in the first place, and where waste cannot be avoided, to reuse, reduce and recycle it, and to consider the disposal of waste only as a last resort. The Policy also recognises the nutrient and market value of waste and how the proper management thereof can produce opportunities for job creation and community empowerment through recycling initiatives.

By implementing the SWM Policy, enforcing its regulations (Download PDF), educating and raising awareness of its objectives, we could successfully pave the way for a mind-shift from pollution control to pollution prevention and minimization and achieve a future where the City of Windhoek is known not only as a Clean City, but as a Green City (Download PDF).

To date, through cooperative efforts between various tiers of Government, the support of political leaders, the involvement of the private sector and the willingness by the residents to maintain a clean environment, Windhoek has become known as one of the cleanest cities in Africa.

The Division comprises various sections, each with a distinct role in the waste management process:

The Office of the Chief: Solid Waste Management

This Section fulfils a managerial function and provides strategic guidance in the implementation of waste management systems and services, ensuring that resources are channelled correctly to achieve the set annual objectives.

Operations and Fleet

The Operations and Fleet Section ensures effective and efficient solid waste management operations through proper management (storage, collection, transportation, treatment and disposal) of all solid waste generated within the City, with the optimal use of resources available.

Landfill Sites and Technical Support

This Section ensures that facilities for waste recovery, treatment and land filling are developed and optimally managed. The Section also renders technical support to other Sections within the Division.

Licensing and Special Projects

The Licensing and Special Projects Section carries out research, investigations and feasibility studies in order to optimise existing systems or to develop new systems for implementation.  The Section also exists to develop and implement a licensing and registration system for industry and to review legislation, draft policies and strategies for the management of various types of solid waste.

Education and Marketing

The function of this Section is to engage in and facilitate positive behavioral and attitude change among customers towards solid waste management through marketing and promotion. They are also tasked with the development and implementation of educational & awareness programmes and Information Education & Communication (IEC) material.

Finance and Administration

This Section provides financial and administrative support services to the Solid Waste Management Division. This includes the development and implementation of the Divisional budget, billing of clients for waste management services rendered, procurement of goods and services and administration of human resources and other Divisional assets.


Strategic Intent of the Solid Waste Management Division:

Vision: To be a world class solid waste management service provider to our people and become the  cleanest City in the World by 2030.

Mission: To render effective and efficient solid waste management services to all our customers to the very best of our ability.

Core Purpose: To manage all solid waste generated in the City of Windhoek.


Services rendered to the public:

Services with direct cost to the Client:

The following services are rendered by the SWM Division at a cost as contained in the SWM Tariffs (Download PDF).

  • Domestic refuse removal once a week at all households supplied with a 240L green Wheelie Bin according to the refuse removal calendar (Download PDF)
  • Domestic refuse removal at least once a week from all households in the informal settlements that have been supplied with black bags.
  • Non-domestic refuse removal at all business and industry as per request.
  • Refuse removal once a week at institutions not for gain (this includes educational institutions, public hospitals, churches, welfare organisations, youth sporting organisations, governmental institutions (national, regional and local) and embassies. 
  • Rental of 240 L Wheelie Bins to be delivered and collected by Council.
  • Removal of carcasses.
  • Removal of bulky waste (including iron/metal, building rubble, garden refuse or any other waste which cannot be collected by placing it in the Wheelie bin) as per request.
  • Disposal of general waste at Kupferberg waste disposal site.
  • Disposal of hazardous waste at the Kupferberg waste disposal site.

Services with no direct cost to the Client:

  • Open space and street cleansing services rendered by the Ward Contractors (Download PDF)
  • Disposal of garden refuse and building rubble at the various facilities situated around Windhoek

Waste Removal Calendar

(Download PDF)

Waste treatment/ disposal facilities

Disposal of General and Hazardous Waste: Kupferberg Landfill site

Location: Situated 11km South West of CBD along Gamsberg road.

Solid Waste Management Website

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