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Dubbed a 'Cleanest City in Africa', Windhoek is the Capital City of the Republic of Namibia, a country described as one of Africa's most vibrant and successful sovereign states. Nestled in a basin surrounded by scenic mountains in the central highlands of Namibia, Windhoek can be better described as a ' Working City '. It is a thriving active, administrative, commercial and industrial centre, serving as the melting pot and hub of most economic and technological developments and activities in the country.

Windhoek: Namibia's Growth Centre

Geographically, the total area of Windhoek is 645 square kilometers. Windhoek is the most populous city in Namibia with about 230 000 inhabitants, making up almost 12.4% of the country's total population of 1.8 million. 

Windhoek is a City that works for all investors and business. As a Capital City, it hosts Central Government and all Ministries, national parastatals and head offices of most companies active in the country and in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. Namibia's financial centre, including the Bank of Namibia, the head offices of commercial banks, the very active Namibia Stock Exchange and the insurance industries, are all based in the city centre. All foreign missions are found in Windhoek and the City is also the country's academic centre with the University of Namibia and Polytechnic of Namibia located here.

Windhoek - An Investment Alternative

Windhoek offers investors a wide range of investment opportunities unrivalled on the continent. This is in line with Central Government active pursuance of a policy of import substitution, considering the fact that 80% of consumer goods are imported from South Africa. Windhoek therefore offers attractive opportunities in the industrial development sector, with a large tract of land available from development ideally situated for easy access to the main transport corridors.

Areas of Investment Opportunities: Although water remains a limitation to the City's ability to generate sufficient investment, alternatives are always available. Other potential areas for investment include tourism, property development, manufacturing with particular reference to assembly of products for export, food processing and educational products. Textile, clothing, shoes, electrical products, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products are imported into Namibia.

Supporting Infrastructure: In terms of infrastructure and support systems, Windhoek boast a well-developed financial infrastructure, allowing investors to be electronically in contact with the rest of the world. Full pension fund services and medical schemes are readily available and operated at competitive rates.

The City's excellent road and rail network offers convenient and easy access to important transport corridors such as the newly constructed Trans-Kalahari and Trans-Caprivi highways, which link Namibia with the rest of the SADC region and all major world markets though the deep-sea harbour of Walvis Bay. Two airports-the Hosea Kutako International Airport and smaller inner-city Eros Airport handles domestic, regional and international flights with cargo capabilities.

Windhoek, as indeed the whole of the country, has one of the most modern telecommunication systems in the world and is recognized internationally to be on par with first-world systems. Telecom Namibia, the parastatal responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the systems, is rapidly replacing normal overhead and underground systems with optic fibre. Mobile telecommunication or cellular telephony services covering all the major centre in the country are provided by Mobile Telecommunication service. This is also provided to vessels at sea.

Namibia's state radio and television services broadcast from Windhoek, as do all the private radio stations. The satellite television service Multichoice Namibia has its head office in Windhoek.

Windhoek - A Heartland of Conferences

Namibia and particularly Windhoek, is fast becoming one of Southern Africa's most popular and preferred conferencing venues. Being strategically located and apart from politically stable and democratic environment, the City boost a world-class conference infrastructure. From excellent international and regional flight connections to fine accommodation establishments, international standard in telecommunication including video conferencing and new technology, audio-visual equipment, interpreters and organizational expertise. In the pasts years, many successful summits, conferences and conventions attended by up to 2000 delegates including Heads of States, royalty and dignitaries from all over the globe were successfully facilitated.

Windhoek - A Tourist Destination

From the sophistication and modern infrastructure of a first-world city to having the African experience, Windhoek is truly a unique City. Add to this, a particularly warm brand of Namibia hospitality and a rich mix of cultures living and working together in harmony, and it is apparent why Windhoek is not only the heart of Namibia, but also the soul and face of this young and vibrant nation.

Whether your stay in Windhoek is for business or pleasure, you can be assured that your stay or business venture in this beautiful and clean City is all if not more than you had anticipated. For the best of both worlds, come and experience Windhoek, the gateway to the diversity of Southern Africa.

For further Information please contact: The Strategic Executive Economic Development and Community Services
P.O. Box 59, Windhoek
Tel: (+264 61) 290 2689/290 2284
Fax: (+264 61) 290 2546

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